Ashes are not scattered to the Wind!

By: Yad Allen.

Disney theme parks attract people to celebrate birthdays, engagements and even weddings, but employees revealed that the “Happiest Place on Earth” is also famous for something else. Maybe there are real ghosts and spirits in the Haunted Mansion? Do not be so quick to answer that they are all props. According to Disney’s staff, each month guests want to spread their loved one’s ashes so that they are forever in that magical world. Yikes!

We all know that Disney employees have codes, like code V for vomit or signal 25 for fire. These cast members have thought about everything and even this! The code “HEPA cleanup” is for this occasion and is used pretty often. After saying this code the ride where the ashes are is temporarily closed, because of “technical problems”, then a special vacuum cleaner is brought to the place and everything is cleaned up.

But how do these people do it? How do they smuggle in their loved ones ashes and why are they doing it? To be fair people came up with smart and simple ways to do it. Most people just use small amounts and put it in prescription-pill bottles or makeup compacts. Others hide Ziploc bags at the bottom of a purse or knapsack. Smugglers also say that getting the ashes past security is easy if they are transported in their kids’ backpacks.

Now comes the why. Disney is supposedly the happiest place on Earth. Many people go to this magical world with their family and friends yearly and make amazing memories. Maybe the people which smuggle the ashes just want to feel that they are always with their loved ones even when death tears them apart.

But do these people just walk and pour the ashes while walking? Well, supposedly human ashes have been spread in flower beds, on bushes and on Magic Kingdom lawns, outside the park gates and during fireworks displays, when people are watching the colorful performances. On Pirates of the Caribbean and in the moat underneath the flying elephants of the Dumbo ride are very popular places too. 

Most frequently of all, according to Disney’s employees, they’ve been dispersed throughout the Haunted Mansion, the 49-year-old attraction featuring an eerie old estate full of imaginary ghosts. Some cast members say that it is not even funny anymore, because of the increase of cases like that throughout the years. One of the first reported cases was in 2007 Police even showed up at the Anaheim park, the Los Angeles Times reported, after witnesses saw a guest “sprinkling an unidentified substance into the water” of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

If you are thinking of doing something like this, be prepared. Disney’s employees know about it and security is all around the place, so even if you don’t see them, they see you. “This type of behavior is strictly prohibited and unlawful” and any guest caught in the act will be “escorted off property.” – said a spokesperson, when talking about the cases. Even if you do it, be careful, because your intentions may be to leave your loved one in the Happiest place on Earth, but it may end in the hoover of the Happiest place on Earth.

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