Give Yourself a Little Present

By: Crissy Chauvet.

It’s your special day, and what can be better than spending it in Disneyland, surrounded by happiness and amazing costumes and attractions? Well, what if I tell you that there are a couple of secrets that you need to know if you are going there on your birthday?

Do you like free stuff?

Lets start with a free celebration button or a pin. You can easily get one if you are staying in one of Disney resorts by going to the front desk and letting them know you are celebrating your day.

If you are not staying at one of the fantastic resorts, or by any chance you forgot to get one, you still have another option. Go to Guest Services near the front of the park and let them in on your celebration secret.

The button designs change frequently, but here are some samples of what might be in store.

Now that you have your souvenir pin, wear it every day!  If you are visiting the park for the whole week of festivities, put the pin on every day to be treated like a prince or princess. As you are wearing your birthday celebration pin around the parks, cast members will wish you a happy birthday as you are just walking by. There is a chance that even Disney visitors congratulate you!

Though you will definitely be treated like a celebrity as you walk through the park, this is not the only thing the button will do for you. It can also get you numerous discounts, free souvenirs, and other free souvenirs.

This magic button can also help you satisfy your sweet tooth. At most table service restaurants in Disney you will be brought a free desert when they see the “Happy Birthday “pin. This will for sure be a fun way to celebrate free deserts during your birthday trip. This means that you are not only going to be happy on your special day, but you will get sweet goods. Sounds amazing doesn’t it?

How about other bonuses?

The benefits of being the birthday boy/girl also extend to bigger ideas that those paying the bill for the trip will appreciate.  All of the hotels in the park offer special Room Celebration packages that give you a ton of goodies in addition to the amazing rooms.  You can order these through Disney’s floral and gifts site. The prices vary, depending on the package and what is in it, but it is a great idea if you are looking for a convenient option to celebrate at your Disney resort. Or, just give it as a present for somebody who loves Disney.

As an extra surprise the kids would love is to order a Disney cake at a table crevice restaurant. There is a cake hotline (407-827-2253), where you can call 72 hours prior to your to advanced reservation and it would be delivered to your table. If the excitement of the trip overwhelms you and you can’t get around to ordering in advance, there is an option to order one with no advance notice, but it will be a little smaller.

While we’re on the topic of birthday goodies, here are a few secrets we’ve come across.  They are not Disney related, but can help make your day a special one while you’re enjoying the park.

If you join the Sprinkles Perks program you’ll get a free cupcake on your birthday! Plus, joining the program gives you the ability to earn discounts and other free cupcakes as you purchase more with them. However you must sign up at least two weeks before your birthday to get your free birthday cupcake, so don’t wait.

For the make-up lovers Sephora’s Beauty Insider Program will give you access to rewards on all your makeup purchases. Plus, you get a special birthday gift that can be chosen from a few different items either in store or online during your birthday month.  

If you enjoyed reading these secrets you can check out the other articles and learn something new about your favorite characters, films, or Disney in general. Experience the Happiest Place on Earth, even if you can be there.

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