Is Disney World Haunted?

By: Yad Allen.

Over the years there have been a lot of stories, myths, and legends about Disney and paranormal activities going in the park and rides. These stories are actually exciting for the fans and guests, and that makes the park even more popular. Nearly 56 million people have visited the parks around the world in 2017, and occasionally some don’t leave. But for now let us start with the most famous ghost stories!

Starting off with the famous creator of all – Walt Disney himself! A lot of Disney fans know, but for those who don’t, Walt had an apartment above the Firehouse on Main Street at Disneyland. He wanted a place for himself, so that he could see the guests and watch how the park itself developed. Disney used it as a home base and also hosted celebrities and VIP’s in his apartment. Whenever he was in the park, he lit a lamp in the Fire Station so that people know that he was there.

But where is the ghost story here? Was the apartment possessed? No, silly. After his death the apartment was still cleaned by the staff. One of the first time it was cleaned, the lady was just carefully dusting off the things and switched off the lamp, as any person would do. However though, the lamp kept switching on. There was nobody else, except that woman, who had key to the apartment, so out of respect and to keep the memory for the amazing man, the lights of the lamp are always on. Some people say that when you go under the apartment there is a voice saying ”I am still here”.

While we are talking about ghosts, there have been some rumors that one of the famously known Disney attractions is haunted by strange activities. But which one can it be? I will give you a hint – it’s not The Haunted Mansion. Well do you have a guess?

It’s the family favorite “It’s a Small World” attraction! There are several stories reported on this one. Strange noises, songs playing on their own, power outages and others have been noted before. One time a man was alone in one of the boats with his family in the other boat in front of him, but because of a sudden electricity problem the boats stopped and he was left all alone in the dark. The song, however, continued playing throughout the 30 minutes power outage!  

Nobody knew what happened and the team which was looking after the ride said that there were no indications of anything wrong. The man was given then $8,000 to make up for the trouble of the accident, but he said that the eyes of the dolls still trouble him in his sleep.

Cast members say that this isn’t the first time when the animatronics just sing on their own. Mechanics have tried searching for a problem, but supposedly they cannot find any issues in the code or system.

But that’s not the only creepy thing happening in the park. Have you ever noticed how some stores in DisneyWorld seem a bit colder? As many know most attractions and stores don’t have A/C so you may wonder just what is going on.

Apparently the 4th floor of Star Trader has cold spots in the store where you can feel the temperature difference. With no A/C maybe that cold spot is where a ghost is standing, doing his Halloween shopping. To add to the mystery, employees have said that the merchandise has been rearranged at night, when there was clearly nobody there. Spooky!

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