Toy Story 2 almost didn’t exist!

By: Yad Allen.

We are all fans of “Infinity and Beyond”, but there almost wasn’t a “beyond” to be a fan of. You’ve heard that “We are all humans and we all make mistakes”. Well, because of an engineers mistake we almost never saw the sequel of the amazing first movie.

During development of the film, one of the engineers was cleaning up files on a computer and tried to delete old files in a folder. Without thinking, this engineer typed the command ‘/bin/rm -r -f *’ which not only erases files in the folder, but all files on the computer! In addition, this command was issued on the main computer where all the files were stored to make the movie! Disaster!!

This poor engineer, who was panicked about all the work he just threw away, frantically searched for backup copies of the files but the studio didn’t have any because they thought that being careful with the files was enough. 

90% of the Toy Story 2 files were GONE!  It was estimated that it would have taken at least 30 people and nearly a year to remake what they had lost.

But don’t worry our story has a good ending, and a hero! Thanks to Galyn Susman, Toy Story 2’s supervising technical director, the files were restored from her laptop. She made sure that once a week she took an entire new copy of the film home so she could watch it over and over again, making sure the quality was up to the Disney standards. Oren Jacobs, one of the film’s technical directors, said that the computer was then “carried into Pixar like an Egyptian pharaoh.”

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