Was Woody really supposed to be a Cowboy?

By: Crissy Chauvet.

You don’t have to go to “Infinity and Beyond” to find these interesting secrets about the movie that made us laugh and cry. Yes, I am talking about the amazing “Toy Story” movies.

The movie made its debut on November 22, 1995 and it has forever changed the way we view animation. Whether you are a child, or just a child at heart, the “Toy Story” movies will entertain and interest you. Though these movies generally target a younger audience, there are hints of grown up humor thrown in here and there to give a little chuckle to the adults as well, which makes the experience of watching the movies even better!

However, the movie you know and love was originally planned to be very different. In the original script Woody wasn’t supposed to be a cowboy! As shocking as it sounds, Woody was originally written to be a mean ventriloquist’s dummy intent on making everyone’s life miserable.

But thanks to executives at Disney, which co-produced the animation we know and love, the script was changed to transform one of our favorite characters into what he is today. At that time ventriloquist’s dummies were usually drawn as scary toys and associated with horror and fear. Believe me it would NOT have been a pleasant experience for the kids in the theaters to see the original Woody haunting the screen.

After a lot of internal discussion, in the end mean Woody was changed into the lovable animated character that we know today and see in Disney parks. Good call on that Disney!

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